The indoor revolution is upon us, and more and more people are choosing indoor rowing as their workout of choice. Because rowing offers a high intensity workout, without the wear and tear on one’s joints, cardio enthusiasts of all kinds are turning to the rowing machine as their new best friend. You can be sure to get out of your rowing workout exactly what you put into it - nothing more, and nothing less. Some of the benefits of rowing include:

  • high intensity, low impact workout

  • upper body, lower body and core

  • 85 percent of the body’s muscles engaged

  • combines cardio, strength and endurance for maximum calorie burn

  • appropriate for all fitness levels


Fox River Row Studio presents classes in small group or semi-private format. This ensures that we’ll meet you at your level of fitness, give you the attention you deserve and personal feedback so that you can measure your progress from week to week. Our studio experience is all about having fun, keeping things simple, and achieving success one step at a time. Come row with us today, and see for yourself what indoor rowing is all about!


1 class pass $30.00
5 class pass $125.00
10 class pass $225.00
Private coaching available; please call to discuss rates

Passes for Learn to Row or Cardio Row are interchangeable and can be used for either class type.
Passes for Row-Train can be used for Row-Train class only.